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Beauty salon design, cuts, perms, styling and color services at Prestige Hair


Prestige Hair, a leading Korean hair salon, offers exceptional Korean hair style 2010 cuts, perms, styling and color services. With our professional Korean stylist, we can ensure every time you come to our salon, you will get a Korean hair style that truly suits you!


Discover style Korean Hair at Prestige Hair Design & Beauty Salon

Prestige Hair Beauty & Design Salon a hip, extraordinary hair salon. design and hair cuts by professional Korean hair stylists. Prestige Hair is pleased to bring you our vision of style, hospitality and service. We to find the color and cut that works best for you. Whether you are looking for someone new to maintain your highlights or you want a Korean stylist who really understands how to cut a Korean hair style, there is someone at Prestige Hair for you.


At Prestige Hair, we offer reasonable prices while making each individual client look and feel amazing. Your satisfaction if our privilege. Therefore, defined by the outstanding yet beautiful hair salon designs and exceptional service, your friendly Korean hair stylist at Prestige Hair will have you walking out looking your best and feeling your best!



Medium Hairstyles are Perfect hairstyles for Round Shaped Face

Very short or cropped hairstyles do not suit a round face and it does not matter whether the person concerned is a man or a woman. Very short hairstyles above the ears on a person with a round face will only make the face look larger. The hairstyles which are perfect for this shape of face are medium hairstyles

Very blunt cut hairstyles do not suit a round face either. A good choice of hairstyle is therefore a medium length bob, which is of course a bob cut to medium length at the shoulders.

A medium hairstyle with bangs is often the perfect choice for those who have round faces. A medium hairstyle with bangs then allows the person wearing it to shape it into an updo style or to simply pull it back off the face with a hair pin or a hair decoration.

Where to Look for Medium Hairstyles Pictures for Round Faces

A medium hairstyle will also allow you to wear your hair back in a ponytail which often suits a round face.

Hair magazines will give you lots of ideas of medium hairstyles for round faces. Otherwise you can ask your hairdresser which is the best medium hairstyle for your round face.  Credit: hairstylestalk


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